Since I've been writing for GeekDad, I've run into a slight problem: do I review a book twice? I don't feel comfortable just re-using what I've written for GeekDad here on this site (despite the fact that very few people read this one anyway), but I also like being able to refer here for my own notes.

It gets more complicated because through GeekDad I've been able to get free review copies of some books—those I definitely write up for GeekDad. But for ones that I just find at the library or bought for myself, it's fun writing them up for a site that gets a wider audience and not just post them here.

What's generally been happening lately is that I'll write up the review for GeekDad first, and then do a review here and include a link to the GeekDad post. It means that this page is more of a second-fiddle in those cases, but not all of the books I read are relevant to GeekDad, either. And if it's a book that I found myself, something that wasn't received specifically to review for GeekDad, well, then I don't mind writing it up for the Hungry Brain first, and just write something else about it for GeekDad later. The one thing I haven't done yet is link back to here from GeekDad.

Anyway, nothing really earth-shattering here. Just some musings.

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