Paintbox No. 1 & No. 2 - Albert Winkler (Editor)

(came across the first one at the library; had them order the second)
Paintbox is apparently a European Photoshop-like computer program (or computer, possibly). The books are collections of artwork mostly done for advertisements. They're often accompanied by original source photographs, as well as quirky little descriptions or stories that really have nothing to do with what's really being advertised. The books are not really about technique but simply aim to showcase the various capabilities of this magical thing called Paintbox. Despite the ubiquity of Photoshop and its resulting artwork, I really haven't seen too many books that are just collections of Photoshop art. Those quirky Viennese. Check out the Vienna Paint website for more samples of the artwork, which ranges from more typical advertising artwork to truly shocking pieces (such as the cover of No. 2).

Fed to jonathan's brain | October 30, 2002