The Lost Thing - Shaun Tan

I finally came across a copy of The Lost Thing at the library; it's a book I've been looking for for some time (see my review of The Red Tree) but hadn't ever found in stores or the library. I suppose I could have purchased it online but never did because I wanted to see it first. I should have just gotten it.

The tone is a little different than The Red Tree, but the illustrations are just as wonderful (often over collages of Tan's dad's old physics textbooks) and there's more of an actual story here than in The Red Tree. It involves the titular lost thing, which the narrator discovers and tries to find out where it belongs.

It's sort of a fable about paying attention to the world around us, but it's also just a whimsical tale with cool illustrations. It's the sort of book I find myself just flipping through again and again to pore over the illustrations.

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