PostSecret - Franke Warren

I classified this as "non-fiction" but it's also a sort of coffee-table art book. Frank Warren printed up a bunch of postcards asking people to share a secret with him anonymously and distributed the postcards all over. The only restrictions: it had to be true, and it had to be something you've never shared with anyone else. He received thousands back, many with elaborate artwork on them. The book is a collection of these postcards, and is a fascinating look into the sorts of secrets people chose to share.

They range from the somewhat funny ("I waste office supplies because I hate my boss.") to more serious and disturbing ("He's been in prison for two years because of what I did. 9 more to go."), and the artwork accompanying the confessions is wonderful as well. It's cathartic and voyeuristic.

Warren has a website, too, where you can read secrets and post your own:

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