Liberty Meadows 1: Eden - Frank Cho

I first came across "Liberty Meadows" several years ago, when I would go to and catch up on all the newspaper comics I was missing since I didn't subscribe to the paper. Of course, that was when I had broadband at work. It's a crisply-drawn strip set at a wildlife sanctuary with a bizarre cast of talking animals (a dwarf circus bear, a chauvinist pig, a little spike-haired duck, and others). There's also Brandy, the attractive animal psychologist, and Frank, the veterinarian who's totally smitten.

There isn't a huge range of jokes (a large number of them have to do with Frank's inability to ask Brandy out) but the crazy antics of the animals are pretty entertaining, and Cho has a wonderful drawing style. He also loves to throw in characters from other strips, or have "substitute" cartoonists (drawn in the style of, say, "Family Circus").

I read that he's no longer publishing strips in the newspaper, opting for book format only, and the online version appears to be running repeats. A fun, light newspaper comic.

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