Lex Luthor: Man of Steel - Brian Azzarello & Lee Bermejo

This book (found at the library) is an interesting take on Superman and Lex Luthor. Told from Luthor's point of view, it paints a picture of Lex's motivation, giving a reason for his antagonism toward Superman. Lest you worry that it humanizes the villain, I'll tell you that the book still portrays Lex as an arrogant, scheming, ruthless man with way too much power. But the reader also gets a glimpse of Superman as seen through Lex's eyes: an alien who threatens all of humanity with his mythic powers, who takes away our hope of becoming something more.

Lex masterminds a plot to turn the public against the Man of Steel, and along the way he makes a deal with Bruce Wayne, creates a new superhero, and turns a criminal into a monster. Despite Lex's sometimes overbearing inner monologue (which seems appropriate, anyway), it's a well-written story, and illustrated in a heavy near-photographic style, well suited to the darkness of the story itself. It's a great twist on the Superman/Lex Luthor story in one shot without other books needed to finish the story.

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